Commercial Charging

Recharge While You're Busy Elsewhere

 Eliminate Driving Range Anxiety
With chargers deployed at your business site, you can ease the anxiety of your customers and employees and enhance their satisfaction.

 Seamless Implementation with a Turnkey Solution
Overall site planning and construction services minimize your efforts to provide the charging service.

 Create a New Income Stream
Membership and billing management provide an additional income stream through EV charging fees.

Selection Guide

Solution Introduction

EV Charging at Your Business

Ranging from AC to DC Fast charger


Meet your business’ EV charging service needs with the right EV charger
Having a variety of AC and DC chargers with different service performance levels provides flexibility by allowing customers to choose the most appropriate chargers based on their environmental conditions and expected usage levels.

Future-Proof User Authentication


Enable membership and billing management
Our chargers provide interoperability with third-party transaction management systems by leveraging a built-in RFID reader and/or credit card reader. They are also ISO 15118-compliant for advanced user authentication.

OCPP Compliance and Network Connectivity


Implement system integration with high interoperability
Our chargers support standard protocols and feature built-in connectivity options, enabling remote monitoring and control. Charger operational information can also be integrated into back-end systems.

Small Footprint with Durable Housing


Designed for space-limited and robust environments
The compact size and solid protection design of our chargers make them suitable for space-limited sites or outdoor/semi-outdoor environments.

High Efficiency with Low Standby Power


Ensure low operation and energy consumption costs
The high AC/DC conversion efficiency and low standby power design help operators save on the cost of daily operations and reduce electricity consumption.

Learn from Our Case Studies

Delta's smart and green building services in Taiwan’s ChiaoTung University


Delta provides one-stop green abd smart building consulting and engineering services for an building on the Tainan campus of National ChiaoTung University. In this case, Delta’s building automation solution was introduced and Delta’s AC and DC charging stations were installed in the parking lot.

Amsterdam Hyatt Place equipped EV charger to bring better service to customers


To bring better service to customers, the Hyatt Hotel near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has installed AC Mini Plus at their parking spaces. This provides a charging service facility for customers staying at the hotel, allowing them to charge their EVs overnight or while eating.

Delta EV Chargers are Introduced into Daimaru Department Store Throughout Japan


Daimaru Department Store is the largest department store group in Japan. It has offices in all major cities in Japan. The group uses about 350 business vehicles and all of them will be replaced with EV by 2023. Currently, about 150 units have been introduced, and each car corresponds to 1 Delta AC charger.

Delta AC MAX Chargers Were Imported into 3 Shopping Malls in Bangkok and Nonthaburi


BMW Thailand is actively deploying ChargeNow charging services, establishing EV and PHEV charging stations in public places, restaurants and high-end shopping malls throughout Thailand, which are applicable to all car brands and models.The project was built by The Fifth Element. 10 AC MAX 22kW AC chargers were built in parking lots of The Mall Bangkapi, The Mall Bangkhae in Bangkok, and The Mall NgamWongWan in Nonthaburi.

Delta’s fast EV charging and energy storage support Greenway’s EV stations in a shopping mall


At the largest EV charging network in Slovakia, a fast-charging system was installed with two of Delta’s 50-kW fast chargers and an energy storage system. These have allowed the charging station and grid to flexibly dispatch power while managing the station’s impact on the grid.