DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System

Delta’s DIAEnergie industrial energy management system allows companies to visualize and improve their electric and power systems, especially high energy consumption equipment, through manual intervention and automation control, using data acquisition, systematic analysis, troubleshooting and energy saving diagnosis. The system helps monitor and analyze energy consumption in real time, calculate energy consumption and load characteristics, optimize equipment performance, enhance production processes and maximize energy efficiency. The DIAEnergie system offers a base for developing an energy management strategy and creating an effective energy control framework to improve an enterprise’s energy efficiency and reduce its overall operating costs.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • User-defined energy dashboard
  • Visualized, remote monitoring & analysis
  • Historical reports, statistical analysis and alarm management for various applications
  • B/S structure based on the network for real-time remote monitoring and system management
  • User authority management for different levels of management
  • Web Based Industrial energy management system
  • Energy consumption analysis from various perspectives (by regions, power circuits and time periods)

Energy saving, environment control, power monitoring and analysis, facility management control