Green Future Endless Possibilities
Our working environment is a very dynamic one. You will find at Delta an ever-changing, highly challenging working environment. Our employees are flexible in the way they think and act. In the same time they enjoy change and innovation. You'll feel at home at Delta if you are open minded and if you enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world.
Attracting Talent
Establish a global talent platform to integrate industrial, government, and academic resources for creating an internship hub and develop international courses for cultivating and attracting top talents.
Recruitment of Global Talents
Formulated different strategies for the characteristics of different talents and their job-seeking intentions. In addition to promoting campus talent development plans for the talent market in Taiwan, Delta also integrated resources at home and abroad to nurture future talents.
Attracting Talent
Talent cultivation and retention
Diversified training courses for improving employee professional knowledge and skills required for the future. Implemented long-term motivational plans for employees to encourage talent retention
Education & Keep
Exerting social impact
Popularized green buildings and transportation, promoted science, energy education and climate action, implemented active talent cultivation, and developed DeltaMOOCx online learning platform centered on technical and vocational education.
Social Influence