EV Powertrain System

Delta's automotive business provides reliable and high efficient EV powertrain solutions including on-board charger, traction inverter, traction motor and X-in-1 integrated products .

Category List

EV Power Electronics

Delta Power Electronics provides multiple power solutions, including OBCM, DC/DC Converter, OBG and EVCC products.

Products can be designed according to customer demands, integrate high-voltage DC converters, and develop bi-directional on-board charger to achieve V2X support functions.

The OBG is a DC to AC converter. From DC high-voltage 400V/800V battery module to convert AC 115V or 230V power, which can be used by external AC power devices.


Traction products are major parts in an electric vehicle.

Delta provides multiple traction solutions, including the standalone solution of traction motor, traction inverter and integrated motor drive which is the combination of a traction motor and a traction inverter, is a highly integrated and compact solution. To be compared with standalone, it contributes improvement in cost and space saving.


X-in-1 is the integration of several systems of EV powertrain.

According to customer needs, we can choose to integrate the traction motor, motor driver, on-board charger and high-voltage DC converter.

It can reduce the size, weight, cost, and make the assembly of the vehicle easier.

It is an important trend in the current development of electric vehicles.