X-in-1 is the integration of several systems of EV powertrain.

According to customer needs, we can choose to integrate the traction motor, motor driver, on-board charger and high-voltage DC converter.

It can reduce the size, weight, cost, and make the assembly of the vehicle easier.

It is an important trend in the current development of electric vehicles.

Category List

OBCM-DCDC Integration

The integrated module consists of a 22kW OBC and a 3.5kW DCDC converter.

The combined module brings a better utlization of the space and better connection, it also supports CAN communication. 

Bi-directional OBCM-DCDC Integration

Bi-directional OBCM-DCDC integration includes bi-directional on-board charger and high-voltage DCDC converter. In addition to transmitting power from the power grid to the vehicle battery, the bi-directional OBCM can also transmit power from the battery to the outside of the vehicle. The DCDC converter converts the high-voltage power of the battery into low-voltage power for other equipments.

Traction Inverter-OBCM-DCDC Integration

X-in-1 electric drive system integration is the integration of multiple systems. The 3-in-1 system integrates a motor driver, an on-board charger and a high-voltage DC converter. It has the advantages of miniaturization, modularization, low cost, light weight, and simple vehicle installation.

Traction Inverter-OBCM-DCDC-EVCC Integration

Traction inverter-OBCM-DCDC-EVCC integration is the combination of a traction inverter, on board charger, DCDC, EVCC in a shared mechanical design, is a very highly integrated and compact solution. To be compared with standalone, it contributes improvement in cost and space saving.