Energy Management

DeltaGrid Energy Management Solution

DeltaGrid energy management gateways are designed to collect energy consumption data from equipment such as energy storage systems, solar systems, EV chargers, HVAC units, and water pumps. With LTE and Ethernet connectivity, data can be integrated into major energy management systems for further analysis as well as remote monitoring and control. Thus, it can centralize energy management in complex systems and realize energy-saving while optimizing energy efficiency.

Delta's DeltaGrid energy management solution has been successfully introduced into Delta's corporate headquarters. Starting in 2019, 29kW solar power system and 33kWh energy storage systems have been added to the idle space on the top floor, EV charger have been installed in the parking lot, and all the information is managed by DeltaGrid® Energy Management System.

System Architecture

Products List

Site Controller

The DeltaGrid energy management gateway/site controller has LTE or Ethernet on the WAN side and RF mesh or various interfaces on the LAN side, including RS-485/RS-232/RS-422 and DI/DO. It provides data acquisition and monitoring from mains, meters, PVs, and PCS, and forwards data to energy management platforms for further data processing and analysis to meet energy performance requirements including peak saving, PV output smoothing, on-demand control, EV charging, and backup power.

PV Gateway

Site controllers for solar power plant.

DeltaGrid EM for Carbon Tracking Solution

Carbon Tracking Solution