VTScada SCADA System

VTScada is a flexible and scalable SCADA software, providing an intuitive interface for real-time monitoring in various industries. It allows users to monitor hundreds to multi-million I/Os. Supporting more than 100 drivers, the software provides a reliable interface with high customizability and comprehensive functions for industrial monitoring applications.

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A free version of VTScada for home and industrial use. For up to 50 I/O.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Fully Integrated Architecture (Standard & Optional)

  • Complete SCADA functions available with one-time installation

Device Driver Library (Standard)

  • More than 100 industry standard and proprietary protocols
  • Integrated device driver library allows users to connect to any combination of hardware

The VTScada Historian (Standard)

  • Built-in historical database, requiring no additional costs

Redundancy across the System (Requires Multiple Licenses)

  • Automatic failover for polling and logging
  • A smarter way for Thin Client server hot backup failover
  • Synchronized historian and alarm database

VTScada Thin Clients (Optional)

  • Supports HTML5 browsers on mobile devices and PCs

VTScada Idea Studio (Standard in Development Runtime License)

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface for screen development
  • Applies configured changes without rebooting the whole system
  • Provides 200+ widgets, 4,000+ graphics and 3D pipe elements to design customized, vivid monitoring display



  • Water & Wastewater Treatment|Oil, Gas, and Chemicals|Electronic Manufacturing|Food and Beverage, etc.