DeltaGrid® Metering System

Get Actionable Insights from Delta’s Smart Meter Connectivity Solution

DeltaGrid® Metering System is a highly advanced, flexible, and comprehensive solution that includes meters, field area networking (FAN) modules, data co ncentrator units (DCU) and head -end systems(HES). This solution can per form real-time collection, transmission, monitoring, and control of smart metering data via advanced NB-IoT, LTE, and RF Mesh technologies. This next-generation platform will allow utilities to collect real-time data on electricity demand, renewable energy generation, and more, all of w hich are essential information that enable mo re efficient services, such as time-of-use electricity tariffs and demand response, helping improve the electricity grid’ s efficiency and reliability. Consumers will benefit from a more efficient electricity system that is supported by higher transparency and multiple tariff schemes based on customer-specific needs, giving them the opportunity to become “prosumers” by generating their own renewable energy.


Product Introduction


Data collection, event notification, and on-demand reading

Device Management

DLMS/COSEM protocol compliance

Capability for large scale deployment
Benefits from Smart Meters
Utility Company
Visualize, Manage, and Optimize
  • Near real-time demand collection rather than monthly reading, giving a more precise load profile to aid with power generation planning.
  • Avoid tamper and human error.
  • Identify any blackout areas via meter outage reporting.
  • Enable Time-of-Use (TOU) tariff and demand response program to economize electricity
End User
Accurate, Streamline, and Optimize
  • Save on electricity fees with detailed billing.
  • Enable energy management with electricity usage data.
  • Multiple tariff selections based on electricity consumption pattern and behavior.
  • Enable peak shaving and load shifting service, and demand response program.
System Architecture
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