Outdoor Telecom Power System

Available in different configurations, Delta OutD cabinets are designed to protect equipment from external threats in all climates from the tropics to the arctic. In addition to traditional cooling methods, Delta’s new hybrid cooling options revolutionize the cost structure of thermal management. Delta’s OutD series comes in several sizes to ensure the right dimensions for all telecom equipment. A whole base station can be built inside our OutD cabinets.

Our OutD series includes multiple wall structure alternatives for protecting telecom equipment in the best possible way, from a single-layer wall construction with light and cost-effective design to a multilayer construction designed for more demanding conditions. Delta’s patented multi-point locks deny intruders entry to the cabinet.

Advanced cooling
Delta’s OutD range offers the traditional methods of maintaining a steady temperature inside the cabinets – air ventilation (AV), active cooling (AC) and heat exchangers (HEX) – but also something new.

For systems designed for EMEA and SA, Delta has developed two new hybrid solutions. Both hybrid systems, a combination of AV+AC and a combination of HEX+AV, lower operational as well as capital expenditure. This is made possible by the sequential use of cooling units based on the actual temperature outside.

Control and monitoring
At its simplest, hybrid cooling control is carried out by using standard thermal switches. However, Delta’s control panels represent the state of the art in climate control. The monitoring unit gathers data using independent temperature sensors, also registering fan and heater operation. Naturally, our units allow detailed control over fans and ventilation with a fan speed control. The monitoring system can be configured to your exact specifications and can be controlled from your laptop. Furthermore, our Delta controller provides integrated power system control for climate and site infrastructure. The benefits are cumulative when using our advanced web-based remote site monitoring, diagnostics and alarm system.