DC Brushless Fans & Blowers

For more than 17 years Delta has gained industry recognition by continuously offering innovative, quality brushless DC air cooling products. Our broad product range covers axial fans from 25mm-200mm, blowers from 30mm-250mm, cross-flow fans, and slim blowers. A combination of our distinctive patented blade design, innovative structure design, and "Sensflow" control not only greatly increases cooling performance but also reduces system noise with temperature sensor control when the fan is in low load operation. We also produce fans with hot-swap construction, fan trays and modules with strong pan and first-rate efficiency.

Delta's FMBG, Winner of the 12th National Invention Award
Product Research & Development

Innovations are everywhere in our products. Engineering expertise backed by sophisticated test instruments and equipment gives Delta very strong design capabilities. Advanced engineering equipment such as Star-LT simulation software, computerized CNC machines, semi-anechoic chambers and wind tunnels are used to develop high performance, low noise and cost effective products. In the past two years, Delta has introduced industrial leading design with the FFB series, GFB series and advanced electronics controlling configurations.

Quality Assurance

Delta is a ISO/TS-16949 accredited and ISO-9001 certified manufacturer for brushless DC air cooling products. We implement strict reliability tests in the design stage and have put into place Statistical Process Controls at each production process. Because of our outstanding performance in quality and reliability, we not only have received a "Certificate of Excellence" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China, but also have received numerous vendor awards from major customers, such as Dell, Nortel, IBM, HP, NEC, Xerox, Philips, NCR and Others.


Delta's automation department is highly specialized with computerized state-of-the-art equipment. We build computer integrated automated production lines in-house for assembly and testing. This allows us to provide large production capacity plus high quality and cost effective products to our customers.

The Delta air cooling group began overseas production on a large scale first in Dongguan China in 1991. To further support regional demand and world-wide logistics support Delta also manufactures product lines in Thailand Wellgrow and in the newly built Wujiang plant in China, linking with our vertically integrated manufacturing system.

Global Operations

Our worldwide network of sales and technical support teams are available to customers in Asia, USA, and Europe. These teams are backed by centrally located design-engineering centers that can diagnose problems in the design stage or the production stage. Delta Electronics Group has also successfully installed and implemented a SAP R/3 system to facilitate and enhance its linkage with customers and suppliers and to further monitor and maintain our world-wide logistic hub operation.

Products Series

ASB Series:

35x35x10mm / 40x40x10mm / 45x45x10mm

SFB Series:


PFR Series:

120x120x38mm / 60x60x38mm

TEA Series:

φ120x54mm / φ175x69mm

THD Series:

120x120x38mm / 92x92x38mm


Heat Exchanger:




Ventilation Fan: