Notebook Thermal Solution

Delta Notebook Thermal Solution provides different cooling capacity to various type of notebook (e.g. commercial, consumer, gaming and workstation). The mainstream used  CPU wattage is 12~15W, and the wattage of high-end systems is 20~28W, the wattage of workstations is about 135W, and the wattage of gaming notebooks can reach 250W.

Active Thermal Solution

Active Thermal Solution provide the best products for various notebook cooling needs, with cooling wattages ranging from 12W to 300W. By combining high-performance fans with key parts such as heat pipes and  vapor chamber, the turbo boost can be properly activated to bring users a pleasant experience.

Passive Thermal Solution

Passive thermal solution for laptops, with a cooling wattage of 10W to 13W, mainly used in educational notebooks and chrome books. It uses heat pipes or vapor chamber to dissipate heat, which can meet the thermal needs of low-end laptops.