Industrial Camera DMV-C Series

The Industrial Camera DMV-C Series provides users with a wide range of resolutions and monochrome/color cameras. Users can choose between global shutters or rolling shutters for dynamic capturing or static capturing. The industrial camera can also be configured for high-speed capturing.
The DMV-C Series adopts a GigE Vision standard interface and an Ethernet connection for image transfer. The optimal network speed is 1Gbps. The DMV-C Series complies with the standard functions defined by GenICam. Users can control the various camera functions through the XML file, such as changing the acquisition mode and adjusting the frame rate, exposure value, gain value, and more. At the same time, the DMV-C Series also provides a 6-pin I/O port, which contains an input signal and two output signals for flexible industrial camera applications.


Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • Supports exposure time and white balance settings
  • Gamma correction and LUT, Gain
  • Software trigger, external I/O trigger and continuous capture 
  • User-defined ROI and mirror output
  • GigE Vision 2.0 compliant
  • 64 MB image cache memory 
  • CE, KC, UL and RoHS certified


Unit: mm